Commercial Door Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs

D&L Garage Doors specializes in commercial door repair, sales, and installation. We offer a wide range of doors, including full-view service bay doors and solid sectional doors designed to maximize space in warehouse settings. Our experienced technicians have the skills to install, maintain, and service these doors.

Choose from various styles, such as standard lift, vertical lift, or high lift doors. Vertical lift doors require special attention and regular maintenance to prevent failure. A broken door or spring can impact deliveries and create potential safety hazards. Let D&L Garage Doors get your door back in working order.

Commercial Door Operators: Chain Hoist or Opener Lifted

We provide both chain hoist and opener-lifted door options, depending on your business needs. Whether you prefer full-view glass doors or solid metal doors, our expert team at D&L Garage Doors is ready to help you.

High Lift Commercial Garage Doors: Boosting Aesthetics and Functionality

High lift doors are similar to vertical lift doors but roll up and rest on a horizontal rail when open. Ideal for service businesses, these doors provide an inviting atmosphere, such as a full-view door for a restaurant. Prioritizing maintenance for these doors is crucial for safety and longevity.

Enhance your commercial space with roof-pitch doors, which follow the interior roofline, creating an open and welcoming feeling when the door is opened.

Energy Efficiency and Customization

Our commercial garage doors offer a range of R-values, from 0 for steel doors to 25.8 for triple-layer doors. Choose from various colors and materials, such as steel, vinyl-backed, or steel-backed doors. Window options include glass or Plexiglas, insulated or non-insulated, tinted, frosted, or opaque.

D&L: Your Trusted Partner for Commercial Garage Doors

From firehouse doors to warehouse doors, D&L can repair, maintain, or install a new commercial garage door to meet your needs. We offer a wide selection of models, materials, and window options for maximum customization.

Our repair services are swift, thanks to our extensive inventory of spring sizes and access to custom-size springs.

For all your commercial garage door needs in Portland, call D&L Garage Doors at (503) 704-2654.