Maximizing Garage Door Reliability: Upgrading from Wayne Dalton’s Torque Master to Traditional Torsion Springs

Amidst this backdrop, D&L Garage Doors emerges as a beacon of trust, guiding homeowners towards more reliable and enduring solutions for their garage door needs. Leading this charge is the recommendation to transition from the Wayne Dalton Torque Master spring system to the more reliable traditional torsion spring system.

Understanding the Limits of the Torque Master System

The Wayne Dalton Torque Master system, with its springs hidden within a metal tube, initially presents a leap forward in design and safety. However, this innovation is not without its drawbacks. While the encapsulated design minimizes exposure risks, it makes it challenging for homeowners to detect wear and tear or to know precisely when the system fails until it’s too late. Moreover, the proprietary nature of the TorqueMaster system limits flexibility and can complicate maintenance and repair efforts.

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