Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Service in Portland Metro

Everybody say that prevention is better than cure. It does not only apply to diseases but also our everyday life encounters like machines and gadgets. Appropriate prevention measures can help you save lots of cash. This cash you would have otherwise used were you to look down upon such steps. That is why we also focus on preventive maintenance of this very important part of the garage. And all that besides offering reliable garage door repair services.

At D&L Garage Doors & Locksmith, we are always keen pod advising our various clients the importance of having their doors checked out on a regular basis. When you contact us for such services, there are many things that we will do.

General examination of the garage door

First and foremost, we always start with the examination of the various door components when called upon to help with such services. This is always a key part of the preventive maintenance process. Without knowing what’s wrong and where, we can never tell how best it is for us to maintain garage door.

So our experts will thoroughly check the door and whenever possible start out on the best way of performing effective maintenance practices. Among the components that we will cover during the examination include the garage door track, garage door spring, garage door openers and even the rollers.

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Cleaning of the various parts

After we are through with cross-examination of the garage door components, we will ensure that we start immediately on the possible ways of retaining the perfect condition of the door. One of the inevitable steps that we will always take is cleaning of the various components of the garage door that might be in need of such services. It is important noting that the consistent accumulation of dirt on the garage door can lead to complication later on. To avoid that, therefore, we will carry out thorough cleaning services.

Oiling of moving parts

To reduce friction on the moving parts of the door, we will oil the different parts with the high-quality grease that we always come along with. This will ensure that the door opens and closes smoothly without trouble in one way or the others. Our preventive maintenance practices are not restricted to these only. Call us today and find out more about the services that we offer under this package.

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