Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

Not sure why your door won’t open or close? Could be your garage door spring.

The Garage Door Spring is the heart and workhorse of your garage door system. When it breaks, your door might not even move!

Garage door spring replacement is a task best entrusted to experts. Each garage door spring is precisely sized to match the dimensions and weight of your door. Our seasoned technicians handle this task daily, possessing the expertise to accurately calculate and select the perfect spring size for your unique door.

We use only the best HI-CYCLE springs in the industry.  Hi-Cycle springs allow for a longer life for your springs.  Simply put, this just means fewer problems.

What To Do When The Spring Break? Easy, Just Call Us!

When a garage door spring breaks depends upon age and maintenance but they will all fail eventually.  Damage caused by it breaking could be minimal but, there could be more to the story.  To be sure everything gets fixed, have our technicians give you a full system inspection.  If the door was part-way up and fell, there could be more damage to panels or other parts of your garage door system.  Our technicians can inspect, repair and re-balance your door back to its original specifications.  We will get your door back to trouble-free operation. We also have suppliers that can get most all door panels in case they are damaged from a spring breaking.  Parts might not be available that same day in some cases but we will do our best!

Garage Door Spring Repair It’s Not A DIY!

Some homeowners choose to tackle this problem themselves.  Garage door springs are dangerous when wound up and working with them should be left to a professional.  Call us and we will send a technician who has a fully stocked van with all of the parts needed to get your door operating again.

Garage door maintenance is also a suggested service.  Checking the springs and other parts can save headaches and dollars down the line.  Don’t wait until you need a repair, call us today for door maintenance and inspection.

As a final note, some garage doors have more than one spring.  If one breaks and the other(s) are the same age, we strongly suggest replacing both or all of them.  This preventative maintenance will be better in the long run and you and your door will be glad you did.

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