Magnetic exit alarm repair and installation

Available also, exit doors and alarms. Some doors must remain shut as fire doors and if the door is opened, people need to know. Installing a magnetic exit alarm will let you know when anyone opens a door that should remain closed.

Keypad entry

Key less entry pads with codes are an easy way to open doors without a key.  It avoids regular re-keying. Key-less entry allows you to assign and manage key codes and control access without the time and expense of making keys.

Panic bar installation and repair.

Panic bars or fire exit devices must be in proper working order to adhere to building codes. At D&L we can provide you with whatever you need from basic maintenance to full replacement.

Door Closer

Slamming doors can be a distraction to any business, not to mention the potential safety risk to customers and employees.  A door closer can provide a controlled, slower, and safer door close. A door closer will also add an air of professionalism to any office.

Master Re-Key systems

If you are looking to limit access to certain areas for some people but would like a master key for managers that work all the locks. We can provide you with a multi-keyed system at a reasonable cost. Call for rates.

Safe / Vault Opening

If you are locked out of your safe D&L Locksmith services will work to open that safe for you and reunite you with your belongings. Call to check if we can help with your specific safe.


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