Lost Keys

Losing keys is stressful and problematic. Whether it be house keys, vehicle keys, or even keys to a storage unit, lost keys are an inconvenience.

We understand how stressful it can be to lose important keys. We aim to minimize the hassle involved with replacing them.

D&L Locksmith is able to replace and program regular metal keys, as well as laser cut high security keys. We are also able to provide, cut and program key-less entry proximity keys.

To ensure our customers receive the highest quality keys.  We use premium key-blanks while providing cost-effective service by using local suppliers for all of our keys. This helps make sure you get the key’s you need.

We believe our customers should receive high quality keys. We work to resolve your concerns in the first visit while maintaining competitive, cost-effective pricing.

Older vehicles can have multiple keys. One key unlocks doors and a second key for the ignition. Our technicians have the tools and knowledge to assess the type of key best suited for you. We can also access and determine cuts and codes required to resolve your concerns and cut your keys.

D&L Locksmith works with high quality key cutting machines able to cut keys for any vehicle. Our technicians are capable of cutting basic metal keys, as well as high security laser cut transponder keys.

Our technicians are also equipped with the tools needed to program any key we cut. We have the latest hardware for programming transponder keys, remote key heads and proximity keys.

Our on-site technicians are available for same day appointments and are able to cut your key in one visit.  This maintains cost-efficient service pricing that beats dealership pricing. We offer flat rate pricing to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the service D&L Locksmith provides.


Vehicle Keys: We do Basic Metal Keys, Transponder Keys, Remote Head Keys, Laser Cut and even Proximity Keys.

Key Programming: Some vehicles and motorcycles have additional security measures in place. Keys can be equipped with microchips, frequently located in the key’s head or blade. These will need programming before a key is able to start the engine.
We usually cut and program all in one service call.